Codes of Practice for Coconut/Coconut Products
PNS BAFS 238 - 2018 Code of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Coconut


Philippine National Standards
Coconut Fiber (coir) - Grading and Classification


Bio-Organic Fertilizer Production
Coco peat as Fertilizer for Coconuts
Common Salt Fetilization On Cocounuts
Fertilization Guide For Coconuts


Coconut Banana Intercropping
Coconut-Cacao Intercropping
Coconut-Corn Intercropping
Coconut-Gmelina Intercropping
Intercropping Technology - The Light Levels under Coconut Canopy and their Practical Applications in Intercropping


Pest and Disease Management
A Sustainable Way to Fight Cocolisap (Comperiella calauanica)
Cadang-Cadang Primer
Green Muscardine Fungus (GMF) for Management of Coconut Rhinoceros Beetles
Integrated Management of Rhinoceros Beetle (Orycetes rhinoceros L.)
Integrated Pest Management - Rhinoceros Beetle (Oryctes rhinoceros L.)
Management of Asiatic Palm Weevil
Management of Bud and Nut Rot in Coconut
Technical Advisory on the Management of Coconut Scale Insect (Aspidiotus rigidus)


Processing Equipment
Buko Trimmer-Puncher
Single Pass Mobile Decorticating Machine
Solar Copra Dryer


Processing Technologies (Food)
Coconut Flour
Coconut Milk
Coconut Sap Sugar
Coconut Sap Syrup
Coconut Sap-Based Products
Coconut Spread
Coconut Vinegar
Coconut Water
Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)


Processing Technologies (Non-Food)
Charcoal Briquette
Coir Products


Sustainable Cropping
Production of Edible Vegetative Pith or Ubod
Coconut Leaf Pruning


Technical Advisory
On Mitigating the Effects of El Nino in Coconut Farms